Mark your calendars now for the 2nd Annual BIG KANSAS ROAD TRIP May 2-5, 2019 ~ Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace counties

The three showcase counties are located in northwest Kansas - Cheyenne (Bird City, St. Francis-county seat, Wheeler), Sherman (Edson, Goodland-county seat, Kanorado) and Wallace (Sharon Springs-county seat, Wallace, Weskan).

Cheyenne shares the border with Colorado and Nebraska and Sherman and Wallace with Colorado. These counties are part of an active tourism group, the Northwest Kansas Travel Council, promoting this region of Kansas. As you travel to this area in 2019 you'll find their promotional materials handy for sightseeing along the way.

Portions of all three counties are part of the Land Sky Kansas Scenic Byway (88 miles along K-27 between Sharon Springs and Nebraska) and Wallace County is part of the Western Vistas Historic Byway (a 100 mile route from Lake Scot north on U.S. 83 to Oakley, then west on U.S. 40 to Sharon Springs). Learn more by clicking on the highlighted links.

NOTE: Sherman and Wallace counties observe Mountain Time. Once you've entered these counties you are in a time warp and have gone back in time one hour! We'll try and make it as easy as possible on the scheduling though. (They are two of four counties still on Mountain Time with the others being Greeley and Hamilton)

Anyone and everyone is invited to descend on the same three counties on the first full week-end in May. You'll have the opportunity to eat in the cafes, shop in the stores, tour the attractions, and drive the scenic roads. You'll get to see these communities as they are--with the red carpet rolled out.

It'll be fun. We'll all do it together, each person at their own pace. There will be Information Centers in the three counties where you can pick up itineraries and menus of things to see and do. Though not required, these towns will come up with some extras.

It'll be a great time to explore with hundreds of other people who want to get to know Kansas.

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