"Boundless and Beautiful"

As summer fades away, early fall 2017 is the perfect time to visit us in Western Kansas! The wildflowers and native grasses are putting on a magnificent show, the temperatures are mild, and our attractions are at their best! Climb Mount Sunflower for a sunset picnic, take in all the new exhibits at the Fort Wallace Museum and pause for reflection at the Wallace County Veteran’s Memorial. Sharon Springs offers 4 fine motels, two restaurants and service facilities for your traveling needs!

Fort Wallace Museum

Fort Wallace was established in 1865 to protect travelers on the Smoky Hill Trail and subsequently the building of the Kansas Pacific Railway in the late 1860s. Today the Fort Wallace Museum takes visitors back to the days of the “Fightin’est Fort in the West,” when the Northern and Southern Cheyenne, Kiowa and Arapahoe people struggled to defend their way of life against the wave of Westward expansion. An essential visit of your Wallace County journey!

Land and Sky Scenic Byway

Explore Kansas’ Newest Byway, an 88-mile stretch with an agricultural theme! Kansas Highway 27 is your path to Mount Sunflower, the Van Gogh Painting in Goodland, and the new Motorcycle Museum in Saint Francis, Kansas! You will be amazed by the landscape of the Arickaree Breaks, right on the border of Kansas and Nebraska! Find your adventure under the Land and Sky….

History 2
Western Vistas Historic Byway

Where in the world can you…

…scuff your foot into the prairie sod and discover a fossilized shark’s tooth, whose original owner hunted in a strange primordial sea?…gaze on an early Indian pueblo, far to the north of its southwestern cousins?…follow an ancient road once traveled by buffalo hunters, gold-seekers, stagecoaches, steam engines and now SUVs?…trace the trails of Buffalo Bill, George Armstrong Custer, Wild Bill Hickok, Fred Harvey, Calamity Jane and the Buffalo Soldiers?

Why, only 1 place in the world…

Welcome to the Western Vistas Historic Byway!

102 miles of natural and human history – a perfect package for you to open, all wrapped up in a variety of landscsapes and seasonal beauty.

Wallace County Adventures

A blog mixing adventure from the past & present of Wallace County, Kansas!

``On the plains, there is nothing to obscure your view of the sky. That starkness is beautiful and awful, and completely irresistible.``

- Sandra Scofield, Writing on the Wind






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